Photos of Historic Wapakoneta
Learn more about Historic Wapakoneta through photographs from years gone-by.  
Photo of circus parade looking west down Auglaize Street in Downtown Wapakoneta.
Werner and Kah Meat Market before 1900.
Second Ward School was located on E. Pearl Street.  Remains of the low wall can be seen near St. Mark's Lutheran Church 302 E. Pearl.
Charles Kahn & Company Building located at 30 E. Auglaize.
Built in 1885 The Timmermeister Building was a Dry Goods Store with an Opera House on the Second Floor.  Located at 116 W. Auglaize, it currently is the home of Auglaize Antiques Mall.
Doering Hardware Company circa 1917.  Located at 19 E. Auglaize St., it is thought to be on the former site of the Shawnee Council House.  Currently the location of Wapakoneta Eagles Lodge.
Taken in 1917, the City Brewing Company was located at the Corners of Hamiltion Street and Water.  Behind this location was access to Kolter Park.
The Factory of Michael Brown Company located on South Park Street.  The M. Brown Company produced  the Bent Wood and dasher churns that made Wapakoneta a famous churn producer.
Juvenille Band
Auglaize County Fair Rodeo entertainers (circa 1950's) with local sound man, Ralph Bechdoldt (row one first man on left).  Note the flag is a forty-eight star flag.
Lyman's Restaurant interior, 1930s.
Opera house, upstairs of Timmermeister building. Taken before 1924.  Believed to be a meeting of the Schwaebisher Unterstuetzungs Verein, a mutual benefit society and social club.  The group was founded in the 1880's nationwide to perpetuate German culture, song, and tradition.
30 E. Auglaize St.
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