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Wink at the Moon Sculptures
DWP has been partnering with local artist, Jay Risner, since 2013 to create custom concrete moon sculptures.  Each year a new moon is designed and debuted exclusively for Wapakoneta.  The sale of moons benefit DWP and their work in the downtown community.  

Moons can be purchased at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum and downtown at Casa Chic for $25. Currently, there are four moons available with a commemorative 50th anniversary moon planned for 2019.  

Need something more travel friendly?  Check our our "mini-moons" also available at Casa Chic!  

"I sculpt all my pieces in clay. Once I have an original sculpture I'm able to cast a mold from that. When the molds are finished, I pour them in plaster of paris here at the house to make sure everything is good.
I then take the molds to Clark Co. D.D. (T.A.C. enterprises) in Springfield, Ohio. I show the folks there how the molds come apart, and how they should pour the different pieces. They are able then to pour all my pieces in cement. They add color to the cement (about 5 different colors) and they pour the colors randomly into the molds They put all the finishing touches to the pieces. Seal the cement, glue in eyes, etc."
Jay Risner on his moon sculpture process:
Missing a moon?

Stay tuned to Facebook to see if we'll be re-releasing the entire set at this year's Summer Moon Festival Street Fair!